Frequently Asked Questions

How much are court costs and when are they paid?

Court costs are fees due to the court for the processing of your case. In domestic relations and civil cases, a cost deposit is required to be paid when your case is filed. In criminal cases, court costs are generally paid at the end of the case, or during a period of probation. The amount of costs varies depending on the case type.

What are domestic relations information sheets and where do I get them?

Domestic information sheets are required by Ohio law to be filed with all new divorces and dissolutions filed in the State of Ohio. The forms are used to disclose all of the parties debts, assets, income and expenses, and are required to be signed in front of a notary public. The forms can be obtained from your attorney or online at

How long will my case take?

The length of time it takes to finish a case depends on many different factors, and is sometimes difficult to determine at the beginning of the process. Discuss concerns about time with your attorney. Regular communication with your attorney is important to keep the process moving.

Can I bring friends or family to my consultation with the attorney?

In most situations, you can choose who you want to bring to the appointment with you. However, if the person you bring is also a party to the case, the attorney may ask that they wait in the lobby during your appointment. It is important to understand attorneys must follow rules of confidentiality and can only direct information regarding your case to you.

Do I need an appointment to speak with an attorney?

We prefer that you schedule appointments to speak with us so we can set aside time to speak with you and give your matter the undivided attention it deserves without other distractions.

Is my first consultation free?

No. We do charge a small consultation fee depending on the length and subject matter of the appointment.